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Clean Energy

Beaver Brook is now using 100% clean electricity! Tolemac Solar invited us to join their group-net-metering project. Their photovoltaic (PV) solar field is offsetting the electricity usage of Beaver Brook plus 19 New Hampshire households. Whenever the sun is shining, the panels are making clean energy, and they will produce about 280 MWH over the course of a year.

A group-net-metering solar project allows multiple households to join together with one large solar installation, allowing people who can’t install solar panels to benefit from the clean energy they produce. Some houses are not well-suited for solar power, due to cost, the angle of their roof toward the sun, the strength of the roof, or shading from trees and buildings. Or in the case of Beaver Brook, land that is either mostly trees or in agricultural and educational use.  If one person has a good location, they can be the host and join with others to offset their combined electrical usage.

Tolemac Solar is owned by our neighbors Kathy and Frank Grossman, who have installed PV panels on one acre of their 7 acres of land They were motivated by their desire to have clean energy and to work against climate change. They hired Solar Source, a Keene company, to install 507 panels made by TenK.

Putting solar panels on your roof or in your yard, joining with others to do a group-net-metering system, and making your home more energy efficient are all great ways to lower your carbon footprint, fight global climate change, and have a cleaner environment.

We have already put solar panels on our yurt, and joining with Tolemac Solar to do group-net-metering has helped us greatly reduce our carbon footprint.


Tom Sileo hiking blog at Beaver Brook

Enjoy Tom Sileo’s hiking blog with lovely photos of the flora and fauna of Beaver Brook.  Follow his tracks…Chestnut Oak Acorn by Tom SIleoChestnut Oak leaves by Tom SileoTrail sign at Beaver Brook by Tom Sileo

Cardinal Flower 3 by tom sileo


Get Greener: Compost your Food & Yard Waste



  • Converts grass, leaves and table scraps into rich garden soil
  • 80 gallon capacity
  • 10 year warranty
  • Made from recycled plastic
  • Free Instruction Manual


  • Attractive & easy to use
  • Hinged lid snaps securely to pail
  • White & beige color
  • 2 gallon capacity
  • Pail width easily accommodates the shape of plates for “mess free” scraping

Mail a check or purchase online before March 24, 2017

Beaver Brook is offering a Composting ABCs workshop from 1-2:30 on Sunday May 14 at Maple Hill Farm 117 Ridge Road in Hollis. Learn how to get started composting. If you are already composting, learn some tips on how to make your compost break down quicker and without smelling or attracting nuisance animals.Tour the BBA compost court to learn the pros and cons of various constructions of composters. Vermicomposting will also be discussed.
Handouts will be available for all registrants to take home.

Beaver Brook Annual Report

Read Beaver Brook 2016 Annual Report

Recycle for Beaver Brook

Beaver Brook has entered into a partnership with the Town of Hollis and Recycle That

to increase recycling especially of textiles,  but also other items that might end up in an incinerator or landfill.

These items can be repurposed for a longer life.  Proceeds benefit the mission of Beaver Brook Association.

Mission of BBA: To promote understanding of interrelationships in the natural world and natural resource stewardship.

ACCEPTABLE ITEMS: (Clean, Dry & Bagged)

Clothing & Fashion Accessories (stained, worn or torn is fine)

  • Men, Women, Children
  • Dresses, shirts, Pants, Suites
  • Coats, Gloves, Hats
  • Belts, Ties, Scarves
  • Wallets, Purses, Backpacks, Totes
  • Shoes / Sandals
  • Watches & Jewelry
  • Towels / Bedding / Linens

Books / CDs / DVDs

  • Hard & Soft Cover / Audio Books
  • Movies / Music / Games

 Small Household Goods / Décor / Toys & Stuffed Animals


  • Breakable Housewares or Glass
  • Electronics: TVs, Computers, Monitors
  • Furniture
  • Building Materials
  • Scrap Metal: bed frames, curtain rods
  • Large Appliances
  • Mattresses
  • Encyclopedia sets, Phone Books, Magazines


Recycle That – Where does it go

Recycle That partners in MA &  NH

SMART Infographic – Where Does it Go



Tick Free NH

Watch this quick video to help you learn how to prevent tick bites!


bullseye rash on arm of lyme disease patientThe New Hampshire (NH) Bureau of Infectious Disease Control Sections work together to protect the health of NH residents by investigating and tracking reports of diseases that threaten the health of the public.

The Blacklegged tick can transmit Lyme disease, the other tick-borne diseases that it can transmit and has been known to transmit in New Hampshire are: anaplasmosis, babesiosis, and Powassan virus.

For more information on Lyme and other tick-borne diseases, visit the New Hampshire Division of Public Health and the Tick



Fire destroys Buildings and $50,000 – 100,000 in farm equipment at Beaver Brook

Update: Beaver Brook Fire Recovery

While there is no news to report on the cause of the fire we want to update you on the progress being made in Beaver Brook’s recovery from it.  Our insurance adjuster estimated the replacement cost of the 25 pieces of equipment lost in the fire to be about $61,200.  Because of the deductible and depreciation of the equipment they have sent us a check for $47,300, a reasonable settlement but still $13,900 shy of the cost of replacing the equipment alone.  Construction of a new storage shed and some enhanced security equipment will of course cost Beaver Brook much more.

On a positive note, when the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation read of our fire loss they sent an unsolicited check for $1000.  Many Beaver Brook friends and neighbors have also graciously responded to our Fire Recovery Fund with donations for a total of $8500 to date. Our recovery from the fire is continuing with each earmarked donation and all such gifts will be used only for those expenses.

We welcome additional donations to cover the remaining costs and as always your support of Beaver Brook is very greatly appreciated. All contributions to the Fire Recovery Fund are fully tax deductible.  Thank you for your help with our recovery efforts.

Become a Friend of Beaver Brook today!                                                                             Designation = Fire Fund

Fire Update June 2, 2016

Thank you to all the generous donors who have come forward to date.  Our cleanup will begin soon.

Fire Update May 14, 2016

In response to our posting of last Saturday’s fire at Beaver Brook we have received many messages sent expressing your sadness for our loss of the sheds and equipment. Thank you for your concern. Six snow plows, a sander, a chipper, a snow bucket, two harrows, three boats, and three mowers are among the list of items destroyed by the fire which is still under investigation.  While we hope that insurance will cover some of our loss, our settlement will be significantly less than the replacement costs of the sheds, the equipment, and the security enhancements that will need to be made. Because of that, we have started a Fire Recovery Fund and designated tax deductible donations will be earmarked for that purpose. Donations may be made online or via check.  The acquisition of winter equipment is not as urgent,  however the summer items need to be replaced very soon. Beaver Brook Association thanks you for your loyal support, both moral and financial, as we move forward from this unfortunate incident.

May 9, 2016

It is with regret that we share news that around noon on Saturday, May 7th a fire at Beaver Brook destroyed two storage sheds and their contents. Unfortunately, a great deal of seasonal equipment was stored there for the summer so the loss was substantial.  Because of its suspicious origin the incident is being investigated by both the Hollis Fire Department and the Hollis Police Department.  Anyone with information regarding this fire is urged to contact the Hollis Police Department at 603-465-7637. As always, thank you for your support as the investigation proceeds. We will be updating the community again as soon as more information becomes available.

Beaver Brook is a non-profit (501c3) land conservation and nature education organization based at 117 Ridge Road in Hollis.

Self-Guided Walks

Enjoy a  1 mile loop through many different habitats and geologic formations on the Tudor Richards Natural History Trail

Start at the kiosk at 52 Brown Lane Hollis and borrow a laminated trail guide from the kiosk to explain the 74 numbered signposts.


Learn about New England Trees on the Big Tree Trail.


Got Ticks? Go to

TickEncounter Resource Center

Hidden Treasures

Celebrating the unique natural, cultural and historic  “treasures” located within Freedom’s Way National Heritage Area.  Discover exciting and unexpected places ‘hidden in plain sight” within the heritage area’s 45 communities.

Beaver Brook is offering Guided Warbler Walk Sun May 15 8:30 -10:30

Guided Nesting Box Hike May 22 8:30-10:30

Self-guided Natural History Trail hikes anytime.  Guidebooks available at kiosk at 52 Brown Lane Hollis.

Register for the first 2 online @

To see a list of all the Hidden Treasures featured between May 14-22nd, go to