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Organic Gardening

March 1-April 23, 2016IMG_2157 (1)

Ron Christie is passionate about teaching people how to grow their own nutritious food for better health and well-being. He is an avid four-season grower and loves sharing his experiences as a winter gardener and farmer.
Ron owns Living Earth Farm, a “certified organic” micro farm in Brookline NH.
BBA will rebate 10% discount to members who register for the entire series.

Tuesday, March 1st — Vegetable & Fruit Garden Planning (7 to 9 PM):  Improve the function of your garden while increasing yields, lowering costs and reducing your workload.  We will talk about garden location & layout, seeds, plants, equipment & supplies, harvest, storage, and so much more.

Saturday, March 5th – Healthy Soil for Happy Plants (9 AM to 3 PM):  Feed your soil to feed your plants.  Create healthy soil to improve yields and the nutritional quality of your fruit and vegetables while reducing pests and diseases in your garden.  Learn some simple steps to better manage the nutrients in your soil.  Benefit from lower costs while improving the environment.  Bring your soil tests and we’ll take a peek.

Tuesday, March 8th – Starting Plants from Seeds (7 to 9 PM):  Starting plants from seeds is a great way to grow your favorite vegetables and save money at the same time.  Join us for this fun, hands-on workshop and learn some tips and techniques to get your plants off to a healthy start.

Tuesday, March 15th – Container and Raised Bed Gardening (7 to 9 PM):  Growing fruits and veggies in containers is a great way to save space and improve the efficiency of your garden.  We’ll show you all the tricks to growing healthy, bountiful plants in small spaces.

Saturday, March 19th – How Do You Like Them Apples (9 AM to 3 PM):  Growing organic apples in New Hampshire is a real challenge.  We will talk about all aspects of starting and maintaining organic apple trees.  We’ll even show you the nifty apple protection system employed at Living Earth Farm.

Tuesday, March 22nd – A Fungus Among Us (7 to 9 PM):  Do you have sickly plants or tons of gnarly weeds in your garden?  Let us provide you with strategies and solutions to reduce diseases and manage weed pressures in your garden.

Tuesday, March 29th – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (7 to 9 PM):  Squash bugs and potato beetles. Mice and ground hogs.  Deer, bear, DRAGONS!  They’re all in my garden!  Learn how to attract and keep the good guys around while scaring the bad guys away.

Saturday, April 2nd – Berries, Berries and More Berries (9 AM to 3 PM):  Blueberries, raspberries and strawberries are delicious, nutritious and easy to grow.  We will cover all aspects of growing berries including soil & fertility, variety selection, pests & diseases, and pruning techniques.

Tuesday, April 5th – A Four Season Harvest (7 to 9 PM):  Yes!  You can harvest fresh veggies all year long, even in New Hampshire!  Learn the strategies and techniques for year-round vegetable production.  We will even show you how to build an inexpensive greenhouse.

Tuesday, April 12th – Growing Your Favorite Veggies (7 to 9 PM):  Beans, beans the magical fruit…  Carrots and onions, cucumber and squash, lettuce, broccoli, spinach; they are all magical!  We’ll show you some nifty tricks for greater success and improved yields.

Tuesday, April 19th – Great Tasting Tomatoes (7 to 9 PM):  My kingdom for a great tasting tomato!  Whether you have one tomato plant or one hundred, this is the workshop for you.  Learn how to grow nutritious, great tasting tomatoes.

Saturday, April 23rd – Farm Visit (1 to 3 PM):  Tour Living Earth Farm, a certified organic micro-farm in Brookline, NH, to see how we put all of these principles into practice.

Register on line

$10 for individual weeknight workshops & Saturday’s farm visit.

$20 for Saturday all-day workshops (BYO lunch).  10% off for all BBA Members.

$125 for all 13 workshops (a 15% discount).

Beaver Brook Association| 117 Ridge Road, Hollis NH | 603-465-7787

edible landscape

Natural Wonders– Parent & Child

A 7 week session for Parents and Young Children Discovering Nature. Each week we will investigate a theme with Stories, a hike, games & a relevant project such a maple sugaring, nesting birds, and recycling earthworms. Tuesdays 10:00-11:15 am. March 8-April 19th.

7 week session $64 for series. (-10% discount for BBA members)
$10 per parent and preschooler. $8 for extra sibling.
or Call 603-465-7787 to register.

Environmental Education is our specialty!

Beaver Brook has 52 years of environmental education under its belt and is happy to customize programs for public and private schools and other groups.
We offer a wide range of field programs, for ages 4 and up. Many of the programs can travel also to your school and library.
See our website for descriptions of most popular programs. We can design one to fit your needs. Our programs meet NH Standards, Common Core and many NGSS.
Call 603-465-7787 for more information. List of most popular Education Programs. And how they cover NGSS.

For the winter we recommend:  New England Wildlife: Tracks, clues and Signs; Snowshoeing and Winter Ecology; Animals in Winter Puppet show and riddles; Animal Adaptation Stations & Animal Antifreeze.

10th Annual Women’s Winter Overnight

Saturday Jan 23 1 pm -Sunday Jan 24 11:30 am   2016

Beaver Brook Nature Center Hollis NH

This year’s fun involves, maps, compasses, snowshoes (likely), Full Moon, bonfire, meditation walk, campfire creation desserts and more!

Always laughter and surprises!

Register now at

$70 includes dinner and breakfast and activities.  Members of BBA will receive a 10% rebate on their payment.


1st Day Hike Jan 2016

Join Beaver Brook Nature Center and State Park staff for a guided hike within Silver Lake or explore the trails on your own.  Start your New Year with a healthy activity that can continue throughout the winter.  We’ll investigate the nature loop on the State Park property overlooking Silver Lake then venture into Hollis Conservation Land in the Woodmont Orchard.  Enjoy a lovely view to the north overlooking the apple orchards.  Afterwards, stop by the campfire near the beach for some snacks and warm beverages. In the event of snow, Beaver Brook will supply snowshoes. Dogs are welcomed to come along but must be leased at all times and owners are responsible for carrying out all pet waste.
Onsite Registration from 12:00 – 2:00 pm     /     Event  begins at 12:45pm and ends at 3:00pm


photo 4 (2)photo 1 (12) Fitness hikers 022

Flora and Fauna of Beaver Brook

Enjoy this fantastic blog by Tom Sileo  New England Rambles as he hikes and observes the flora and fauna of Beaver Brook.

Fitness Hiking

Join us once or twice a week (M & F) for a fast paced hike through Beaver Brook trails and on other area trails. Discover the hidden trails of So. NH and No. Central Mass. The goal is to walk ~2-3 mph, to gain aerobic excercise and to boost our endorphins.   It works! You’ll see. Register online at
Must be in decent shape. 33 weeks for $109/$99 Members     $165 if hiking Mondays & Fridays. We hike in all weather. Led by Beaver Brook Education staff.

Medical research proves that Hiking and walking regularly is good for your Health:

Prevents or reduces incidence of common cold.

Prevents weight gain and reduces incidence of diabetes.

Alleviates Seasonal Affective Disorder and other forms of depression.

Stimulates creativity.


Local Wildflower Bloom Book by Joan Bonnette $10

Wednesdays 9-11 am   

The traditional Wednesday Wildflower walks lead you through the trails of Beaver Brook in search of each week’s blooming wildflowers.  Join the knowledgeable BBA instructor Rivka Schwartz on these walks.  Walks take place each Wednesday through June 24th.
Free for members of BBA /$5 donation for non members.  Call or check location on website each week to make sure you are at the right trailhead.  603-465-7787.

Wildlflower Bloom Book of Beaver Brook by Joan Bonnette available for sale $10.


Outdoor or Barn Portraits at Beaver Brook

Beaver Brook Association and Lumina NH

are pleased to announce

a  Portrait Event at Maple Hill Farm

Saturday May 8th, 2015

15 minute sessions are being offered for $100

half of which will be donated to Beaver Brook to maintain trails & programs.

Sessions between 9-5

Call Receive 2 Digital photo files that you are able to download and print as they wish. There will be an option to upgrade to purchase additional files.

Call photographer Kelly Wholey to schedule 603-566-3820

$100 for up to five people per family (larger families an additional $25 per person)
Pets are allowed too!

See samples of work at

Bring your School to Maple Sugaring Class at Beaver Brook!

Chemistry, Botany, Math, Science, History, evolving technologies…… It all comes into play when learning about the unique process of maple sugaring.

The season is short:  Last week of February -1st week of April and it is a phenomenom unique to NE North America.

Students will learn tree ID, photosynthesis, how to use a hand drill, measure diameter and circumference of trees, about evaporation, fire and boiling temperatures, grades of syrup.  We even have a puppet show for young students including Rooty, Leah the Leaf and Sugar (the maple tree).

Don’t miss it!  Call 603-465-7787 to book a field trip for your students.  A true sign of spring!

Look at all the standards addressed by this class:

NH Science Standards:

S:SPS1:2:1.(1-5), S:SPS1:2:2.1, S:SPS1:2:2.2, S:SPS1:2:3.1, S:SPS1:2:3.2, S:SPS3:2:1.(1-3), S:SPS3:2:2.1, S:SPS3:2:3.1, S:SPS3:2:3.5, S:SPS4:2:4.1, S:SPS4:2:6.1,

S:SPS1:4:1.(1-, 2, 7, 8), S:SPS1:4:3.(1-3), S:SPS1:4:4.2, S:SPS2:4:2.1, S:SPS3:4:1.(1-3), S:SPS3:4:2.4, S:SPS3:4:3.2, S:SPS4:4:4.1, S:SPS4:4:6.1, S:SPS4:4:6.3,

S:SPS1:6:1.(1, 2, 6), S:SPS1:6:3.(1-3), S:SPS2:6:2.1, S:SPS3:6:1.(1-3), S:SPS3:6:2.1, S:SPS3:6:2.2,


S:LS2:2:1.3, S:LS5:2:1.1, S:LS5:2:2.1,

S:LS1:4:1.1, S:LS1:4:1.2, S:LS1:4:2.1, S:LS1:4:2.2, S:LS1:4:3.1,

S:LS1:6:1.1, S:LS1:6:2.5, S:LS5:6:3.4,

S:PS1:2:1.1, S:PS2:2:1.1,

S:PS4:4:3.2, S:PS4:6:3.3
NH Social Studies Standards:

SS:EC:2:1.2, SS:GE:2:4.2, SS:GE:2:5.1, SS:GE:2:5.2, SS:HI:2:2.1, SS:HI:2:3.1,

SS:GE:4:3.4, SS:GE:4:3.5, SS:GE:4:5.1, SS:GE:4:5.4, SS:HI:4:2.1, SS:HI:4:3.1, SS:HI:4:4.1, SS:WH:4:2.1,



CCSS Math Standards:

K.MD, 1.MD, 2.MD; MP 1, MP 2, MP 5, MP 7