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Clean Energy

Beaver Brook is now using 100% clean electricity! Tolemac Solar invited us to join their group-net-metering project. Their photovoltaic (PV) solar field is offsetting the electricity usage of Beaver Brook plus 19 New Hampshire households. Whenever the sun is shining, the panels are making clean energy, and they will produce about 280 MWH over the course of a year.

A group-net-metering solar project allows multiple households to join together with one large solar installation, allowing people who can’t install solar panels to benefit from the clean energy they produce. Some houses are not well-suited for solar power, due to cost, the angle of their roof toward the sun, the strength of the roof, or shading from trees and buildings. Or in the case of Beaver Brook, land that is either mostly trees or in agricultural and educational use.  If one person has a good location, they can be the host and join with others to offset their combined electrical usage.

Tolemac Solar is owned by our neighbors Kathy and Frank Grossman, who have installed PV panels on one acre of their 7 acres of land They were motivated by their desire to have clean energy and to work against climate change. They hired Solar Source, a Keene company, to install 507 panels made by TenK.

Putting solar panels on your roof or in your yard, joining with others to do a group-net-metering system, and making your home more energy efficient are all great ways to lower your carbon footprint, fight global climate change, and have a cleaner environment.

We have already put solar panels on our yurt, and joining with Tolemac Solar to do group-net-metering has helped us greatly reduce our carbon footprint.


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