IT’S SUMMER CAMP TIME!!!  Are you looking to get your child outside and exploring this summer?  From preschool nature hikes to high school survival adventures…  Beaver Brook has a summer camp option for everyone!  Sign up here

Since 1976 Beaver Brook in Hollis, NH has hosted thousands of children each summer.  Our exciting camps for 4 year olds through 9th grade include active hands-on activities, creative problem solving and independent thinking as well as develop and promote face to face healthy social interactions. 

See below for a list of camps and descriptions.   

If you are unsure of which program would be best for your camper, feel free to call us and we can talk you through some options!  603-465-7787.

OUTDOOR NATURE CAMPS DESIGNED FOR ALL AGES.  explore all summer long with Beaver Brook.

Nature Trails with Anjali Longan                                                                        $215/$193.50 Members Each day will be filled with games, songs, stories and crafts related to ponds, plants, worms, birds, bees and the mammals of beautiful Beaver Brook. We will discover and investigate the environment by becoming a tree, inviting worms out of the ground, collecting vernal pool creatures, pretending to be a honeybee and other marvelous adventures. On a different trail each day, we will discover the beauty, peace and wonders of the woodlands. Grades: 4 year olds & Kindergarten.     Requirement: Children must be four years old at the start of class, able to separate from his/her parent, and be completely toilet trained. Dates: June 25-29 M-F 9am-1pm

Nature Explorers *Two Sessions Offered                                                      $215/$193.50 Members

Students will learn to sharpen their observation skills while hiking Beaver Brook’s trails. Meet some of our resident wildlife and learn interesting facts. The week will consist of artistic exploration, investigative hikes, games and songs designed to introduce nature’s beautiful gifts to young explorers. We will teach the importance and preservation of nature and show how even our youngest explorers can help make a difference. We will explore a different trail each day as we discover the beauty, peace and wonders of the woods in our own backyard.

Grades: 4 year olds & Kindergarten.     Requirement: Children must be four years old at the start of class, able to separate from his/her parent, and be completely toilet trained.

*Session 1: July 16-20 M-F 9am-1pm with Becky Kellner    

*Session 2: July 23-27 M-F 9am-1pm with Brooke Arthur

Super Heroes of Nature with Cat Kolar                                                      $215/$193.50 Members Who can leap over an eight-foot fence? Who can hear a mouse 1/2 mile away? Who can fly more than 100 miles per hour? Many species of New England Wildlife have fascinating abilities. Come be amazed at what you learn about our local superheroes ranging from spiders to bats. Grades: 4 year olds & Kindergarten       Requirement: Children must be four years old at the start of class, able to separate from his/her parent, and be completely toilet trained. Dates: July 30-August 3 M-F 9am-1pm

Digging in the Dirt with Anjali Longan                                                           $215/$193.50 Members

What could be more fun for a small child than digging in the dirt? Research shows that playing or gardening in the soil strengthens our immune systems. In this class, children will have the opportunity to water, weed, taste and dig in the BBA Children’s garden. They can cook something up in a mudpie kitchen. They will investigate streams to see who lives in the bottom, visit the vernal pool to find frogs in the mud, and make a habitat for earthworms, those engineers of the soil world.

Grades: 4 year olds & Kindergarten.    Requirement: Children must be four years old at the start of class, able to separate from his/her parent, and be completely toilet trained.

Dates: August 6-10 M-F 9am-1pm

Nature Nuts with Angela Craggy                                                                        $215/$193.50 Members Get nutty and explore. This class will hike some Beaver Brook trails & picnic along the way as we investigate the meadows, woods, streams, & ponds that we find. Searching for animal signs & discovering what nature has in store for us from leaping frogs to butterflies. Games, crafts, stories, & hands on activities teach children about nature, and how to have a great time outside. A special Friday invitation to our Nature Museum with student tour guides sharing their knowledge & all they’ve enjoyed throughout the week. Grades: Kindergarten & 1st Dates: July 9-13 M-F 9am-1pm

Farmyard Fun with Winnie Crouse & Cathy Ingram            $290/$261 Members  (includes fieldtrips) If you had lived at Maple Hill Farm 100 years ago, what might your day have included? Come to our Farmyard Fun class and meet some of the animals that would have been on your farm, have fun experiencing some of the activities of the farm, and learn how each of the animals provides something useful to the family. Pet a chicken. Milk a cow. Spin some wool. Play with baby goats. Visit honeybees. Make butter and cheese. We will do many fun farm activities, plus explore on Beaver Brook trails and even have time for games and crafts. Bring your lunch for a picnic at the brook (Some field trips to milk cows and feed chickens). Grades: 1st & 2nd Dates: June 25-29 M-F 9am-3pm

Animals & Their Habitats with Jen Farquhar                                            $265/$238.50 Members The fields, forests, and waters of Beaver Brook are home to many creatures, great and small. Come explore their habitats. We will look for animal tracks and signs; find bugs and butterflies, and surprise frogs and turtles in the pond. Students will make an insect house to take home and see what is in your own yard. Students will create a folder about each day’s habitat. We will play puppet games, outdoor games, and choose an animal story to dramatize together.

Grades: 1st & 2nd Dates: July 9-13 M-F 9am-3pm

Abenaki Footsteps with Carol Ritchie                                                            $265/$238.50 Members Walk in the footsteps of some Native Americans who were the first people to come and live here in the woodlands. They depended on Mother Earth for all their needs: a successful hunt, favorable weather, and a good harvest. Among their many celebrations was The Green Corn Festival. In stories, activities, and hiking to the wigwam, we learn about their celebrations, legends, respect for all creatures, and how they used plants, gardened with the Three Sisters, made canoes and tools, and built their homes. We will play some of their games, learn weaving, symbol painting, and making clay pots. Grades: 1st & 2nd Dates: July 16-20 M-F 9am-3pm

Backyard Fun with Rosemary Clough                                                               $265/$238.50 Members

Join, explore, learn, create and have fun incorporating art, music, hiking and storytelling into a rainbow of outdoor adventures. We will use a variety of yoga postures (tree, mountain, turtle, flower etc.) & other activities to energize, strengthen, balance and find ways to be mindful, as we connect each day’s discoveries with nature.  Grow with a fun-filled week of unplugged play and learning.

Grades: 1st & 2nd

Dates: July 23-27 M-F 9am-3pm

Wildlands & Watering Cans with Stephanie Jones                              $265/$238.50 Members

Get ready to explore the beautiful Maple Hill gardens and to get your hands down in the dirt. Student will learn all about plants and animals that live in our own backyards and the helpful organisms that make plants grow. We’ll tend our own Children’s garden at Maple Hill Farm, observe and catch insects, and gather wild berries. Examine plants from their beginnings as germinating seeds to the beauty of wildflowers that you will dry and take home. You’ll be painting and drawing, and playing games too.

Grades: 1st & 2nd

Dates: July 30-August 3 M-F 9am-3pm

Flying Creatures with Angela Craggy                                                              $265/$238.50 Members

Investigate the many winged creatures, past & present. Let’s “take to the air” together to explore these winged marvels. Design your own bug container; create gliders and a tangram flying creature. Explore the habitats throughout the Beaver Brook Trails while hiking from meadows to woods and wetlands. A special Thursday twilight class will explore the world at dusk, including bats, owls & more.

Grades: 1st & 2nd

Dates: August 6-10 M, T, W, F 9-3, Th 4:30-8:30 pm (Twilight Class)

Frogs, Toads & Turtles with Anjali Longan                                                  $265/$238.50 Members

What better way to explore summer than to get to know a frog. Learn all about the characteristics of frogs from Spring Peepers to Bullfrogs. Visit the wetland habitats to observe and identify tadpoles. An evening class on Wednesday will focus on toads and making your own toad house! Hunting for turtles will round out the week with an exploration of the Wildlife Pond. Learn about rare and endangered reptiles and amphibians that live at Beaver Brook.

Grades: 1st, 2nd & 3rd

Dates: June 18-22 M, T, TH & F 9am-3pm Wed 4-8 pm evening class instead of day class

Enchanted Forest with Stephanie Jones                                                         $265/$238.50 Members

We all know that the woods are a magical place, filled with interesting plants and animals. While learning about the animals in the woods around us, we will let our imaginations soar to include those little woodland folk that many people hope to see. We will build elf, gnome and fairy houses. We will hike every day, catching frogs, bugs and butterflies. We will create fairy gardens and chase little elfin boats down the creek. We will learn to appreciate and enjoy the everyday magic of nature.

Grades: 2nd, 3rd & 4th

Dates: August 6-10 M-F 9am-3pm

Farm Fresh with Cheri Birch                                             $290/$261 Members (includes fieldtrips)

Learn where your food comes from.  Chickens, vegetables, cows and berries:  they all grow locally.  Students will reconnect with their agricultural roots. Learn about farming, animal care, and all the great products that are locally grown or produced.  Students will enjoy hands-on crafts and cooking activities such as washing, carding, and dying wool, making yogurt, bread, jam, and ice cream.  They will get to engage and learn about local farm animals.  We will also enjoy hiking on Beaver Brook trails.

Grades: 3rd & 4th

Dates: June 25-29 M-F 9am-3pm

Summer Scientists with Tara Happy                                                              $265/$238.50 Members

Summer is the perfect time for scientific experiments.  Let your children have the chance to develop a love of learning how and why things work – all while being outside and enjoying nature at the same time. Using science concepts we will design aluminum foil boats, construct kites and planes, and fling eggs off of Egg Rock. When we get hungry we will engineer our own solar powered ovens to cook up a delicious treat!  Our days will be full of hypotheses and experiments and our activities will seem endless. From magnetism to insulation to density to chemical reactions …your children won’t even know what hit them!  Strap some hiking boots on their feet and leave the rest to us. Your child will have a productive time filled with lifelong memories and is bound to end their week with a love of both Nature and Science.                              

Grades: 3rd & 4th

Dates: July 9-13 M-F 9am-3pm.

Water Wonders with Angela Craggy                                     $290/$261 Members (includes fieldtrip) While hiking the trails of Beaver Brook we will follow streams, find ponds and wetlands to explore with nets & special ‘fishing techniques’. Examine & learn about the tiniest to the largest creatures that live in these aquatic environments. We’ll enjoy picnics, stories and investigations along the trail. Be sure to wear footwear and clothes that can get wet or muddy each day, as we get up close and personal with the water world. This class includes a field trip to Odiorne State Park for tide pooling.

Grades: 3rd & 4th Dates: July 16-20 M, T, Th, F 9am-3pm, W 9am-5pm

Campfire Cooking* with Angela Craggy                                                        $265/$238.50 Members Join us for a week of cooking outdoors with a different cooking method each day! We will create our basecamp at the Beaver Brook campsite and use the stone fire circle each day. We will learn about many different cooking techniques by making your own solar ovens, cooking in a Dutch oven, foil packets, and even by burying pots in coals. Cookies, pies, grilled sandwiches, chili–camp cooking options are boundless! Bring your own lunch each day, but your appetite as well. We will work up an appetite as we hike the trails and explore the nature around us. *This program is not suitable for someone with food allergies.

Grades: 3rd & 4th Dates: July 23-27 M-F 9am-3pm

Outdoor Explorers with Angela Craggy                                                          $265/$238.50 Members A fun-filled week of exploring the fields, water and woods throughout Beaver Brook. We will set off on adventures through meadows and fields, vernal pool and Spatterdock Pond. (Did you know that the word Spatterdock means ‘pond lily’?) We will fish off Bouchard Bridge, have a day of forts, make a campfire and create a special Friday Nature Museum that showcases our week at Beaver Brook. Hiking, games, crafts, and more.

Grades: 3rd & 4th Dates: July 30-August 3 M-F 9am-3pm

Kids Night OUT! with Tara Happy                                                                     $265/$238.50 Members

When other Beaver Brook campers are headed home for the day, our group will be venturing off into the forest for campfires, flashlight games and lots of nighttime exploring!  We will count the bats as they wake up, go on firefly hunts, and learn the summer constellations as we test out some telescopes.  You won’t want to miss this unique opportunity to explore Beaver Brook after hours!!! …and during our daylight time we can still enjoy all the traditional summer fun: splashing in ponds, fishing for crayfish, scavenger hunts and more!  Pack a dinner, your flashlight and don’t forget your sense of adventure!

Grades: 4th & 5th

Dates: July 16-20 M-F 4:00pm-9:30 evening program instead of day program

Forest Forts Session 1 with Kat Dickau                                                        $265/$238.50 Members What could be better than building a fort in the woods? Students will design and build survival shelters and forts as well as explore the forest, the creeks, and the ponds. Activities include scavenger hunts, tracking, learning to walk quietly in the woods. We hope you will have fun while learning how to respect and enjoy nature safely.

Grades: 4th & 5th Dates: July 23-27 M-F 9am-3pm

Forest Forts Off the Beaten Path with Abby Zimmerman                                                        $265/$238.50 Members

What could be better than building a fort in the woods? Students will design and build survival shelters and forts as well as explore the forest, the creeks, and the ponds. Activities include scavenger hunts, tracking, learning to walk quietly in the woods. We hope you will have fun while learning how to respect and enjoy nature safely.

Grades: 4th, 5th, 6th Dates: June 18-22 M-F 9am-3pm

Lip Balm & Lavender with Rivka Schwartz                                                   $215/$193.50 Members A class on herbs, wild edibles and challenging your taste buds. Throughout the week we will spend time in the kitchen creating herbal gummy bears, ginger cookies, herbal marshmallows and more. Herbs will be used to make our own dream pillows, compresses and of course Lip-balm! We will indulge of our harvests of each day, finishing off the week with an English tea party in the Maple Hill gardens.   *This program is not suitable for someone with food allergies.

Grades: 4th, 5th & 6th Dates: June 18-22 M-F 9am-1pm

Tinkering in the Woods with Kathy Parker                                                 $265/$238.50 Members Imagine a place where campers can be as creative as they want in a safe space for kids to experiment and tinker in the woods. Our exciting lab at Beaver Brook will provide a simple, fun way for kids to get involved in MAKING. What a perfect way to involve more kids in S.T.E.A.M. (S.T.E.A.M.= Science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics). With the unstructured time and materials, we offer space to solve problems together, solve and create breakouts, try new things, and build and engineer things using natural and recycled materials.

Grades: 4th, 5th & 6th Dates: August 6-10 M-F 9am-3pm

Base Camp* with Roisin McElroy                             $405/$364.5 (Members includes 2 OVERNIGHTS) Discover and learn some basic outdoor skills; how to use a compass, build a safe and effective campfire (where we will cook all of our meals) all while spending five days and two nights in the woods! This class is designed for the self-reliant young person with a real interest in the outdoors. Participants must carry their own equipment. A complete gear list will be sent to participants prior to the start date of the program. No visitors please. We try to minimize the distractions of the outside world and maximize the attractions of the natural world! Fee includes meals from Wednesday supper to Friday breakfast. Remember to bring lunch on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. *This program is not suitable for someone with food allergies.

Grades: 5th & 6th Dates: June 25-29 M & T 9am-3pm, Weds 9am-Fri 12pm

Water Adventures by Foot & Canoe with Bruce Fessenden $290/$261 Members (includes fieldtrip) Discover the uniqueness of river and stream habitats with Bruce as your guide. Wear your old sneakers and wade the streams with a net to see what lives in the pebbled bottom. Use a minnow trap to study small fish and create a classroom habitat to raise crayfish. The highlight of the week is a flatwater canoe trip on a nearby river. Led by certified instructors from the River Classroom program, the morning begins with the students learning canoe and water safety, paddling techniques and the correct way to get into and out of a boat. Once on the water, a search for wildlife begins. Great Blue Herons, turtles, fish, small invertebrates and amphibians all can be seen in their natural habitat. There is one adult in every canoe with 2 students.

Grades: 5th, 6th & 7th Dates: July 23-27 M-F 9am-3pm

Forest Forts Session 2 with Jen Farquhar                                                    $265/$238.50 Members What could be better than building a fort in the woods! You will design and build survival shelters and a fort as well as explore the forest, the creeks, and the ponds. Activities include scavenger hunts, tracking, tree, plant and wildlife identification. Learn to walk quietly in the woods and observe more! We hope you will have fun while learning how to respect and enjoy nature safely.

Grades: 5th & 6th Dates: July 30-August 3 M-F 9am-3pm

Brook to Bay with Bruce Fessenden                             $340/$304 Members (includes two fieldtrips) Each day visit different fresh water and ocean habitats for some hands-on exploration. We will collect live organisms for closer study in the field and in the classroom. Two ocean field trips are part of this course. On Wednesday, visit several locations on the New Hampshire seacoast and explore a pebble beach, tide pools, a sunken forest and a fish pier. On Friday, visit historic Gloucester, Massachusetts and see some of the sights before heading out to sea with Cape Ann Whale Watch to look for a variety of whales, dolphins, sea birds and possibly sharks and sea turtles. Family members are welcome to sign up for the Friday Whale watch too. Grades: 5th, 6th & 7th Dates: July 16-20 M, T, Th 9am-3pm, W 9am-5pm, F, 9am-7:30pm

Rocky Ridge Explorers with Bruce Fessenden                                            $265/$238.50 Members This class rocks!! Get a close up look at the rocks that are under your feet, in stone walls, or come from the mountains of New Hampshire and other parts of the world. Hike along the glacial fault that cuts through Beaver Brook. Each day will include activities and trail adventures that will turn kids into backyard geologists and give them the opportunity to add to their rock collection. A fabulous Wednesday night class will focus on stargazing.

Grades: 5th, 6th & 7th Dates: July 9-13 M, T, Th, F 9am-3pm W, 6pm-10pm (Twilight class)

NEW!! Bouldering and Belaying with Tara Happy $290/$261 Members (Three Full Days and a fieldtrip) Do your kids like to climb? Of course they do. Scrambling up large boulders and hopping from rock to rock are all time favorites for most children, so let’s spend three days doing just that! Your young climbers will be introduced to bouldering as form of rock climbing and learn the basics of this dynamic sport in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. We will spend our first two days hiking Beaver Brook’s rockiest of trails and our third day on a field trip to Vertical Dreams, an indoor climbing facility in Nashua, for individualized instruction in belaying and climbing on an indoor climbing wall. This summer adventure is an introductory class and no official experience is necessary. Come try it out!

Grades: 7th & 8th & 9th Dates: June 26-28 M-F 9am-4pm

Adventures in Survival with Kap Siddall $265/$238.50 Members An opportunity to learn a few basic skills that are fascinating and could save your life one day. We will practice fire building skills and safety, including carving a bow drill kit for fire by friction. We will build shelters, cook over an open fire, and learn how to track animals while hiking many of the trails at BBA. Teamwork and clear thinking could make all the difference in a survival situation. This class also builds confidence useful in situations other than survival scenarios. Grades: 7th & 8th Dates: July 30-August 3 M-F 9am-3pm

Intro to Mountain Biking with Ethan Craggy &Cameron Dreyer              $265/$238.50 Members Mountain Biking at Beaver Brook! This camp is designed for those who want to learn mountain biking skills. Campers should be comfortable riding their bikes for sustained amounts of time. Students will learn and practice off-road riding skills as well as basic bike mechanics, as well as fun & games in a relaxed non-intimidating setting. The class will start/end at a different trail each morning.

Grades: 7th & 8th Dates: August 6-10 M-F 9am-3pm

Can You Survive It? with Chick Wetherbee                     $215/$193.50 Members (Three full days) What challenges lie ahead in the woods of Beaver Brook? Take this intensive, outdoor program and find out! This wilderness treasure hunt will introduce you to survival skills such as fire building, shelter basics, wildlife stalking, and outdoor cooking. Be prepared for strenuous hiking each day to some of Beaver Brook’s wilder spots.

Grades: 7th, 8th & 9th Dates: July 9-11 Mon-Wed; 9am-4pm


Get Ready for Camp 2018

Immunization Form 2018

2018 Summer Descriptions

BBA Allergy Action Plan(if needed)

Registration & Cancellation policies.

  • All programs require pre-registration.
  • All registration is available on a space available basis.
  • Registrations cannot be processed without full payment
  • Minimum and maximum registration numbers have been set for all programs.  If the minimum numbers are not met, the program may be cancelled.
  • The date, time or location for any program may be changed in the case of unforseen circumstances.
  • Waiting lists may be established as program fill up, if deemed necessary.
  • Registrations are accepted with credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, & Discover) or checks.
  • Full refunds are available 30 or more days before camp begins minus a $25 cancellation fee.
  • There are no refunds after that unless the program is cancelled by Beaver Brook Association, the participant’s spot can be filled by someone on the waitlist or a participant’s doctor submits a letter specifying inability to participate.
  • Scholarships may be available and requests must be made on an official application form.  All requests are confidential and will be evaluated based on financial need.
  • Transgender Policy:  BBA does not have a transgender policy.







Please read this letter from a summer camp teacher to the parents of her campers last year…. Dear parents of our summer campers,

I would like to extend a thank you for sending your children to our Beaver Brook camp this year.  I have had an amazing time with them. 
Your children have made instant best friends and life long memories. It is sincerly priceless to see their excitement at holding a frog for the first time or watch them overcome a fear of insects….
Don’t feel as if you have missed out though, these moments are the ones your child needs to experience on their own, without you looking on.  These are the things only we summer camp teachers get to see.  🙂  Summer camp isn’t just about playing outside; it’s also about the independence of learning to pack your own bag to go hiking and carry your own water bottle …or how to cope with a now soggy shoe.  Life lessons.
Thank you for picking up your dirty, soggy children at the end of each day . Hopefully one look at their big smiles and bright eyes will make it all worth it.  Thanks for letting them live their summer the way children should.  Snack Rock, Bob the Weasel, Porcupine Tree.  – This is what summer is about.
Thank you!

Our current camps are time tested, kid-approved, and staffed by experienced educators whose passion and love of the outdoors naturally transfers to the children with whom they interact with. Sure sounds better than playing video games, right?!

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