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Fitness Hiking

Join us once or twice a week (M & F) for a fast paced hike through Beaver Brook trails and on other area trails. Discover the hidden trails of So. NH and No. Central Mass. The goal is to walk ~2-3 mph, to gain aerobic excercise and to boost our endorphins.   It works! You’ll see. Register online at
Must be in decent shape. 33 weeks for $109/$99 Members     $165 if hiking Mondays & Fridays. We hike in all weather. Led by Beaver Brook Education staff.

Medical research proves that Hiking and walking regularly is good for your Health:

Prevents or reduces incidence of common cold.

Prevents weight gain and reduces incidence of diabetes.

Alleviates Seasonal Affective Disorder and other forms of depression.

Stimulates creativity.


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