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Join us on a weekly or twice weekly fitness hike or snowshoe in the area.  Mondays and  Fridays are moderately paced hikes (2 mph). We explore the 35 miles of Beaver Brook trails through the seasons as well as other lovely trails of our region such as the Andres Institute Sculpture Park, historic Monson, Hollis Town Forest, Milford Tucker Brook and Hitchener Town Forests, Joe English Preservation and more.  You will meet new people who love to be in the outdoors, get good exercise,  and boost your endorphins and immune system as well as combat seasonal affective disorder!  Beginners in good health welcome!

Call 603-465-7787 to join us.  Snowshoes and crampons available to all participants.  Pedometers given to all participants.  Winter Session will  run January -April 2013.  $109/$99 Members per session (50% off second one if you do both).


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