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Wish List

Photo by Robert Bullock

  • Nature theme jigsaw puzzles for children with  100 or less pieces.
  • Summer camp scholarship for low-income child $250
  • Donate to provide healing nature programs for Home, Health & Hospice “Good Grief” program for children who have lost a loved one to death $200
  • Donation of $1000 to print 10,000 bookmarks; 1  for each child to take home from field trip
  • Donations to fund a new mounted beaver $400 or owl $300
  • Pull down projection screen for Yurt
  • Cover mailing costs of quarterly Log newsletter $500
  • Outreach Program to a handicapped school, organization, or library $300
  • Sponsor a field trip to BBA with bus for low-income school $500
  • Corporate Partners to adopt kiosks and events.
  • Volunteer coordinator
  • Fundraising volunteers!