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New Book on Beaver Brook

A new book Rambling the Seasons at Wildlife Pond has just been published by Tom Sileo.

” Though it’s already enjoyed by many people, I hope to highlight aspects of this gift that might have been overlooked, to reveal this spectacular place as an outdoor museum, reflecting both our natural and social histories, and to leave a record, so that one-hundred years from now, anyone interested might be able to note further changes. Let’s hope they find far more and not far less than what we see here today.”

This beautiful journal of nature through the seasons with inspirational quotes from famed philosophers and conservationists peppered throughout is a wonderful read for anyone who loves and dwells in nature.

Some background on the Wildlife Pond by Tom Sileo.

Available at Toadstool bookshop in Milford and at Beaver Brook Association. $25.95

All sales generously donated to Beaver Brook Association thanks to the author.