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Beaver Brook was the site for a Supernanny episode with Jo Frost.

The Beaver  Brook office at Maple Hill Farm is located 1 mile off of Rt. 122 in Hollis NH.  Beaver Brook trails may be accessed from several different public roads.

Our Office is open from 9-3 PM M-F.


Trails: Our trails are open to the public, 365 days a year, from dawn until dusk.   When planning your hike, consult the map first.  There is a 10 acre area between Eastman Meadow Trail, The Nichols Trail, Jason’s Cutoff and French Meadow Cutoff that is undergoing a timber harvest.   Click here  to read more about this.

To preserve the Beaver Brook environment:

  • we allow dogs on a leash and ask owners to clean up after their pets. Leashed animals can alert their owners to nearby wildlife while not scaring off other hikers or wildlife.
  • we allow horseback riders and mountain bikers on designated trails (in order to prevent  erosion or impact to sensitive vegetation)
  • we do not allow any hunting or specimen collecting on Beaver Brook property.
  • we do not allow motorized recreational vehicles on trails

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Ken Leonard hiking reports.  Click below, then scroll down to Beaver Brook and have a look at any one of our trip reports. was also *this* close to purchasing a house right next to Beaver Brook land about two years ago–my prime reason for wanting to locate to Hollis.