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History of Maple Hill Farm

Maple Hill Farm was named by Franklin Colburn, owner from 1868-1917. Franklin planted maple trees in front of the house along Ridge Road to commemorate the nation’s centennial. Originally a two room cottage built in the 1700’s, the cottage expanded to its present size through 1917.

In 1964 the Beaver Brook Association was formed to preserve open space and to provide environmental and educational opportunities to the public. Maple Hill became part of the Beaver Brook Association property in 1974. Shortly afterward, work was begun to restore the Maple Hill residence (the farm, the barn, and the cooper shop) to its former attractiveness which took  four years. Restoration was directed by Ellen and Hollis Nichols, Charles Hosmer and John Spear. In 1985,  the central office for Beaver Brook moved from Brown Lane to Maple Hill Farm.