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The Hedged Garden

The Hedged Garden, designed in 1983, is a full-sun garden. This garden evolved from perennials and annuals that had been grown from seed in a greenhouse at Maple Hill and propagated by division since 1980. The eastern section of the garden was created as a Knot garden. Now, this garden contains flower beds with annuals and perennials and grass walkways, all surrounded by Privet and Arborvitae hedges.

Plants to be found here include: Buddleia, Crane’s Bill, Dahlia, Fescue, Gas Plant, Lamb’s Ear, Peonies, Poppies, Bluebeard (Caryopteris), Siberian and Bearded Iris, Gaillardia, Liatris, Delphinium, Lupine, Blue False Indigo, Obedience, Asters, Goldenrod, and two species of Filipendula (Dropwort and Queen of the Prairie). Many annuals are added for summer color.

All garden photos provided by Laura Bullock.