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The Little Barn Garden

As the name states, The Little Barn Garden is adjacent to a structure known as The Little Barn. Growing up one side of The Little Barn is a plant called the Kiwi vine; little white flowers emerge from this vine each year and provide pleasure to all who pass by. The Little Barn had a make-over in the Spring of 2008. New plants, new flower barrels, and a donation board were placed along the side of the building. (See the first picture below.)

Ground covers growing in the shade of the maple tree include: evergreen European Ginger, Foam Flower, and a variegated Lamium (dead nettle). Great Solomon’s Seal grows toward the back of the beds.

Don’t forget to stop by The Little Barn in September when Beaver Brook holds its annual Fall Festival. The Little Barn is where the gardeners spend time selling their dried flower arrangements, home-made crafts and treats, in order to raise money for the plants they purchase each year for the Maple Hill Gardens. Please stop by and say hello, and enjoy some hot/cold apple cider.

All garden photos provided by Laura Bullock.