25 percent of  U.S. household waste consists of organic kitchen and garden material which can be easily composted. Every ton of food waste composted saves towns money in trash disposal fees.

Turn those scraps into rich soil amendment

COMPOSTING Equipment available for purchase

Earth Machine Composter:  $63. The bin is black, has a 10 year warranty, and is made of 100% recycled plastic. It’s approximately 33″ high and 33″ wide or large enough for a family of five.

The Kitchen Pail: $12, designed for cellecting kitchen organics. This beige oval shaped pail with tight-closing lid has a 7 ½ liter capacity and accommodates the shape of dishes making it perfect for mess-free scraping. 

Compost turner $28 for aerating and mixing the compost outside.

HOW TO Purchase

Email info@bbanature.org to check availability of these items.

Beaver Brook can help you get started or troubleshoot problems you are having.  You can do this!