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The “Hike It All Challenge” is great for all ages

In the summer of 2019, a handful of kids hiked all 35+ miles of trails on Beaver Brook’s Hollis properties during a week of summer camp. Word spread about this accomplishment and soon many others were hoping they too could earn the distinction of having “Hiked it All” at Beaver Brook. We heard them, created the BBA trail map bandana, set some guidelines and introduced it to the community. At the start of 2022, 111 people have completed the Hike it All challenge including two groups of summer campers and others who completed the trails in Winter Hike it All!

Best of all, we have a new bandana color each year so this is something you can do again and again!

Step 1: Become a member of Beaver Brook. Your membership helps to pay for the maintenance of the trails, the trailhead parking lots, produce maps and signs on the over 35 miles of trails that we manage.

Step 2: Download a map and your trail checklist.

Step 3: Start hiking! See US Forest Service’s “Know Before You Go” list for recommended preparations and gear. Mark the trails you walked and the dates you completed them using the trail checklist sheet.

Step 4: Return your finished list to the Beaver Brook office at 117 Ridge Road or by email to info@bbanature.org. Your name will be added to the official list of “Beaver Book Hike It All Finishers”! Individual members will receive one custom BBA Trail map bandana. Community/Family memberships receive 2 bandanas. There is an option to purchase additional bandanas for qualifying family members for $10 each.