Hikers and walkers of all ages can participate in the “Hike It All Challenge”! 

When you finish you receive a special edition Beaver Brook Trail Map bandana. Hike all the trails during the winter months and you can earn a BBA neck gaiter/buff!


Join in the fun and challenge of HIKING IT ALL at Beaver Brook.

  1. Become a member of Beaver Brook Association at www.beaverbrook.org/support/become-a-member

Your membership helps to pay for the maintenance of the trails, the trailhead parking lots (always plowed in winter), maps and signs on 40 miles of Beaver Brook trails.

2. Download a map  and your  trail checklist.

3.  Get a map and start walking (making recommended preparations and carrying recommended gear see US Forest Service Know Before You Go list).https://www.fs.fed.us/visit/know-before-you-go/hiking

4.  Beaver Brook offers classes on navigating with map and compass. If you wish to get a group together for such training, call the office to schedule 603-465-7787.  Or join the Trail Trackers hiking group on Wednesday to accomplish this!

5.  Once you have hiked the entire map, checking off all the trails on the list and the date you hiked them, return the completed list to the Beaver Brook office at 117 Ridge Road or by email to info@bbanature.org.   Your name will be added to the official list of “Beaver Book Explorers”. Individual members will receive one custom BBA Trail map bandana. Community/Family memberships receive 2 bandanas. There is an option to purchase additional bandanas for qualifying family members for $10 each.