If you’re looking for a photographer to capture your memories at Beaver Brook, consider reaching out to one of our Photographer Members.

Our Photographer Members have exclusive access to conduct professional photoshoots on Beaver Brook grounds. They adhere to our Property Use Policy and contribute a membership fee, helping us prevent scheduling conflicts and keeping the grounds accessible for everyone.

Beaver Brook Photographer Members

Updated June 2024

Become A Photographer Member

Beaver Brook invites professional photographers to use our grounds for outdoor photography and portraits. To ensure a smooth experience for all visitors, including the general public and those attending educational programs and private events, we ask professional photographers to follow these steps:

  1. Read and sign the Property Photography Use Agreement. Download here. Email the completed agreement to photography@bbanature.org
  2. Become a Photography Member. Sign up here.
  3. Make a Reservation. Use the details from the Agreement to email your reservation request to photography@bbanature.org. Your reservation will be confirmed via email.

If your desired photographer is not a member, please email photography@bbanature.org for assistance.

Photographer Members enjoy all of the same benefits as our other members. See the benefits.

Reservation Requests:

Reservations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. Depending on other reservations, private events or Beaver Brook programming taking place, the number of photographers allowed at any given time may be limited. Reservations must be made for all days of the week.

Reservation requests must include your name, date and time of the requested reservation and the number of people who will be present at the photo session. Reservations can be booked for two-hour time slots and only two reservations may be held at any given time.

Email photography@bbanature.org for reservations or questions.