You can become a part of the Legacy and make a lasting difference to preserve one of the most valued natural treasures in southern New Hampshire. Join the ranks of those that have made a gift in expression of their individual values and shared love of nature and education. There are many ways to give a legacy gift to Beaver Brook. A few of the more popular ones are; including Beaver Brook Association as part of your will, adding BBA as a beneficiary on a life insurance policy or IRA. There are also approaches to planning a Life Long gift that can be mutually beneficial for you and Beaver Brook Association.

Talk with your financial professional or family attorney about the many benefits of Life Long giving for you and the organization you love. Let your family know how important Beaver Brook is to you. You can also call Beaver Brook Association’s office at (603) 465-7787 for more information.

Beaver Brook is honored and grateful to be the recipient of Memorial and Honorary Gifts. Each gift is a lasting tribute to these special people. We appreciate the generous gift from the Alice Cormier Trust.

Thank you to those who donated in memory of:
Robert D. Philbrick Sr., Shirley Cohen, Lorna & Herb Levi, & Claire Grossman.