As a professional photographer you undoubtedly understand and recognize the importance of caring for the environment that is so important to the end result of your demonstrated talents.

Because of that we extend to you this invitation to become a “Photographer Friend” of Beaver Brook.

As has become customary for non-profit nature centers like ours Beaver Brook is offering to all professional photographers for an annual fee, a one year license to conduct income generating photographic shoots anywhere on our properties during daylight hours. Of course there are some restrictions.  All photographic shoots must be in good taste, must not interfere with people and programs involved in carrying out the mission of Beaver Brook Association (see enclosed pamphlet), and the Beaver Brook name shall not be used promotionally.

Your supportive participation in this endeavor will earn you a unique membership card and the endorsement of Beaver Brook Association to responsibly utilize our outdoor properties for your photo shoots throughout the year.  The Photographer Friend fee will be assessed once per year and your card will reflect the active dates.  We will also be quite pleased to acknowledge your support as a Beaver Brook Photographer Friend in our newsletters, annual report, and on our website. $150  per year.  Click here to join!