What is Forest Bathing and what are the benefits?

“Forest Bathing”  (shinrin-yoku in Japanese)  is the practice of spending time in the forest to soak up its health benefits.  Medical research has proven that a walk or a sit in the woods makes us feel better. Using your senses to quietly explore the woods helps alleviate anxiety, promotes better sleep, increases cells in your body that flight cancer, boosts your immune system and decreases your blood level of cortisol which is the stress hormone.

Beaver Brook is highlighting  some places for you to go for sheer relaxation.

1. Thanks to John and Kap Siddall for creating a Forest Bathing stroll starting at Maple Hill Farm 117 Ridge Road in Hollis. Walk down Cow Lane, take a right on Tepee Trail. Cross the bridge. You will see a labyrinth on your left.  Sit and explore that.  It may be enough for you! The Forest Bathing stroll is just ahead marked with yellow ribbons. There are 5 stations which will encourage you to slowly, quietly stroll through the woods at a pace that gives you time to notice the small, healing sights, sounds, smells and feel of the natural world.  Take the time to truly immerse yourself.  Have a seat near the stream. At the end of the trail, turn left and return to Maple Hill Farm.

2.  Benches along the Wildlife Pond Loop. Park at BBA WIldlife Pond parking lot  on Rt 130 1.7 miles west of rt 122.

3.  Bench at Spatterdock Pond.  Hike down the Whiting Trail from Ridge Road west of the BBA Office.  At the bottom of hill, take a right at the T intersection. Bench just over the bridge.

4. Bouchard Bridge- west of Cow Lane at 4-way intersection with BBA Trail.

5. Bird Observation Blind. Park at the end of Brown Lane in Hollis. Take Tepee Trail into the field. You will see the little Brown Bird Observation to your right. 200 yards away.

6. Bench/Bridge on wetland.  Park at Brown Lane Hollis and take Brown Lane trail to bottom of hill. Go straight toward wetland at 4- way intersection.  Bench on the left.

7.  Stone seat in shade Garden below Gazebo in Maple Hill Gardens 117 Ridge Road.

8.  The Gazebo at Maple Hill Farm.

9.  Benches in Amphitheater above the herb oval at Maple Hill Farm.

10. Benches in Nature Play area at Maple Hill Farm.


Always take a paper trail map or use our map on your phone.  

Be well.

Your friends at Beaver Brook

Beaver Brook Association is comprised of 2,187 acres of forest, fields, and wetlands in Hollis, Brookline, and Milford, New Hampshire. The land lies where the southern transitional forest meets the northern hardwood forest, creating a diverse landscape of interest to the naturalist and the hiker alike.

We encourage the public to visit our forest, which is open from dawn to dusk seven days a week, and rediscover the natural world.

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