Beaver Brook provides a quiet and contemplative setting for daytime excursions.  We suggest these walks for you to stay healthy & calm. 

Always take a paper trail map or use our map on your phone.  


1.  Park at Beaver Brook Headquarters at Maple Hill Farm 117 Ridge Road in Hollis NH.  Walk to the trailhead marked Cow Lane to the left of the Red Yurt. You can follow this trail to the 4th left (~ 1 mile). You can turn around and go back. Note all the names of side trails for your next walk.

2. Start at Cow Lane trailhead same as above but at your 4th left hand trail, take it, cross the small bridge (enjoy the wetland first).  At the Y intersection, take a right and walk all the way to Route 130 trailhead across from Diamond Castings.  When you return, be sure to take your first left to cross the bridge again. Then a right and straight back to Maple Hill Farm.

3.  Do a 5K!  Start at Cow Lane as in #2.  When you return across the bridge go straight up the hill on Brown Lane Trail. You will pass in front of Brown Lane Barn, then return to Maple Hill Farm via the Teepee Trail. High five for a 5K!

4.  Story Walks  Park at Maple Hill Farm.  Walk to the front of the Brown building labeled Workshop. Looking at the workshop, walk to the grassy area to the right. You will see the beginning of a little trail marked Sassafras blazed with yellow leaf shapes.  We even have a story walk for you out there!  The Sassafras Trail merges onto the Wildflower Trail which you can follow for .2 of a mile back to Cow lane and return. There will be 3 little stream crossings on this short walk!

5. Big Tree Trail-Using the guide below, you may hike the Big Tree Trail either from the parking lot at the end of Brown Lane Hollis NH or the Maple Hill Farm Parking lot at 117 Ridge Road Hollis.  The Big Tree Trail is off the Wildlflower loop at Maple Hill Farm. Learn some trees you might not have know before!  Return the same way.

6. A little longer but flat is the Wildlife Pond Loop. Park at the BBA Wildlife Pond Parking lot on Rt 130. It is 1.7 miles west toward Brookline from the intersection with Rt 122. Follow the trail to the right out of the parking lot past the Kiosk.  Bear Right and you will go all the way around the pond counterclockwise.  Return to your car by following Dam Road over the Dam.

7. An old historic road, the Old City Trail, provides an easy walk. Park at the BBA parking lot on Rocky Pond Rd (directions are below).  The trail takes you past an old mill site and a waterfall.  Continue on the trail all the way to the bridge that crosses over Wildlife Pond.  You can either loop around the pond, or turn around and walk back on Old City.   From the center of the town of Hollis (at the Country Kitchen), head west on route 130/Proctor Hill Rd toward Brookline. Take the first right onto Rocky Pond Road.  Pass the Hollis Transfer/Recycling Center and continue on Rocky Pond.  The trail head for Old City is on the left,  ~1.7 miles north of the Hollis Transfer /Recycling Center. Directions are here:

8.  French Mill  An easy walk on Hollis Conservation land  that takes you down to the Nashua River. . A little parking on Rt 130 and very close to you!                  


9.  Follow Big Tree Trail from Maple Hill Farm. Once at the Brown Lane Parking lot, walk up Brown Lane to the sign for Kibby’s climb. Time for your aerobic workout. Proceed up Kibby’s Climb.  Follow south.  You might pop out on Ridge Road but take the left trail before that marked “Kibby-Howe Connector”. After wiggling through that trail, take a left at next intersection onto Howe Meadow Trail. Follow the straight away there and it will curve to a 4 way intersection with Love Lane Trail. Left on Love Lane takes you back to Brown Land Barn,  Follow Teepee or Big Tree Trail back to Maple Hill Farm.

10.  Burns Farm Brook Trail to Hitchiner Town Forest. Park at BBA Parking lot on Burns Road in Milford.   

11. Don’t forget the Mason-Greenville Rail Trail!  Plenty wide and 9 miles in length. That could be good for a few days of walking not to mention the side trails to the Quarry. You can park at Pratt Pond, Russel Abbot State Forest, or at other intersection roads in Mason and Wilton.


12. Heron Pond Loop in Milford. Start at Heron Pond School parking lot. Walk to the hill under the power lines if nothing else to count how many herons, ducks and geese you can see.

13. Historic Monson.  Park at the parking area near the Milford/Hollis Town Line on Federal Hill Road.  Walk into the woods past the metal gate. You will come to a kiosk and open fields.  Across from the little Gould house take a left and walk across the field. Follow the East Monson trail straight to its end at a little peninsula in the beaver pond. See how many heron nests and beaver lodges you can see!


14. Purgatory Falls in Milford, Mont Vernon, and Lyndeborough is a must!  Trailhead and parking lot on Dow Road Mont Vernon is open.  Involves hiking in a steep ravine near the upper falls. Dress for mud and several stream crossings without bridges.

15. Start Redlining all the Beaver Brook Trails. Read more…

Other recommended hikes in the area.



Other Amherst Greenbelt Trails


  • Millicent Scott Gardener property Hollis.    This property does not have a detailed Forest Reservation Guide map. All Forest Society reservations are open to the public; however, those without detailed Reservation Guide information may be difficult to locate and access due to lack of signage and parking. Requires ability to  navigate without trails or directional signage.
  • Heron Pond Loop in Milford.   Start at Heron Pond School parking lot. Walk to the hill under the power lines if nothing else to count how many herons, ducks and geese you can see.  Not blazed for much of the way.
  • Mileslip Town Forest, Milford   

Beaver Brook Association is comprised of 2,187 acres of forest, fields, and wetlands in Hollis, Brookline, and Milford, New Hampshire. The land lies where the southern transitional forest meets the northern hardwood forest, creating a diverse landscape of interest to the naturalist and the hiker alike.

We encourage the public to visit our forest, which is open from dawn to dusk seven days a week, and rediscover the natural world.

Short Rules for Trail Use

  • Beaver Brook trails are open free to the public every day dawn to dusk
  • Dogs are welcome at Beaver Brook but must be leashed at all times & kept under control by their owner. No exceptions to this rule & enforcement will be referred to the Hollis Police Department.
  • Beaver Brook is a carry-in and carry-out facility. This pertains to cleaning up after dogs & taking the waste home for proper disposal.
  • Hunting is prohibited.
  • Camping and campfires are prohibited unless pre-authorized for educational purposes.
  • Fishing is allowed  in accordance with N.H. State regulations.
  • For more information on  SAFE HIKING see Hike Safe

Big Tree Trail Guide

Big Tree Trail Guide Book

BBA Burns Farm Trails in Milford

BBA Burns/Holland Farm in Milford

Early Spring Wildflowers

We change the signs of blooming flowers in the WIldflower Kiosk

Orienteering Course Map

Orienteering Course Map