Board of Trustees
Jay Nannicelli,President
Glenn Lloyd, Vice President
Bridget Rines, Secretary
Alan Chase, Treasurer
Dave April
Nathan Armstrong
Anna Birch
Kim Colson
CJ Husk
Wallace (Wally) Key
Gena Lavallee
Janet MacFarland
Stephanie Pyle
Dave Webber

Board of Corporate Members–Selects, researches and briefs candidates for the Board of Trustees
Ralph Andrews
Craig Birch
Susan Durham
Thomas Enright
Frank Grossman
June Litwin
Glenn Lloyd
Fred Lyford
Michael Quinlan, Chmn.
Lorin Rydstrom
Peter Smith
Chris Trow
Dave Tully

Corporate Members Emeritus
Peter Bennett
Anne Cram
Richard “Rick” Hardy
Richard “Dick” Husk
Sandra Solka